Is Sports Betting Legal In New Mexico

There are a lot of reasons people choose to live in the desert. Aside from the serenity, desert is some of the most underrated scenery in the country, which is convenient, because it covers a good bit, and it certainly covers most of New Mexico. When you're all the way out in the tiny enclave of Santa Fe, life is probably pretty good, however, you may think it impossible to ever pick up or continue a hobby in sports betting without taking a long drive or flight to Las Vegas. The good news is, there are options, and naturally, a lot of New Mexico residents have questions related to sports betting. Luckily, we're here to help.

The first thing that most residents of New Mexico want to clarify is the legal status of sports betting in New Mexico, and that's not surprising since there are a lot of confusing facts and misinformation out there. The most important thing to understand is that the law takes absolutely no issue with those who wish to make wagers on sports events. While the act of facilitating sports betting (meaning business owners or bookmakers who stand to profit from sports betting without actually making any wagers themselves) is considered to be unlawful, there is no reason to worry about the law breaking down your door for merely participating in sports betting. And even this interpretation is limited to commercial entities. Tribal casinos are free to offer sports betting, and the Santa Ana Pueblo became the first to do so at their Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel, located just outside Albuquerque.

Land-Based Sports Betting in New Mexico:

This presents a problem for would-be bettors in New Mexico. After all, the fact that it's legal for you to wager on sports doesn't seem to help you much if it's illegal for most bookmakers to accept a bet for you. Many New Mexicans feel doomed to long trips to tribal casinos or out of state to Las Vegas in order to participate in sports betting or, even worse, they will turn to illegally-run underground sportsbooks.

For many obvious reasons, illegal sportsbooks are not recommended. Even though you still cannot be legally fined or imprisoned for just placing bets with an illegal sportsbook, it is still taking a great liberty with your personal safety to seek one out. In addition to the personal risk you run, illegal sportsbooks have proven not to be the wisest investments on the market. After all, if your black market bookie absconds with your winnings, there is no legal recourse to recoup your lost money.

Legal Online Sports Betting in New Mexico:

Where then can you turn to for a truly convenient sports betting option in New Mexico? Happily, there are many good online sportsbooks for New Mexico residents. These legitimate businesses are able to operate legally thanks to the fact that they are based overseas which allows them to work around all the laws and jurisdictions that serve to prevent widespread land-based betting in New Mexico.

Despite the fact that these are legally operating sites and it is legal to place bets on sports in New Mexico, a lot of New Mexico residents are wary of investing money in foreign, online entities. Even though these hesitations are natural and understandable, they are unfounded. Many of these sportsbooks have been operating and serving American clients for decades, in that time building up loyal bases of supporters that have provided pages of testimonials and reviews backing these sportsbooks up as not only legitimate businesses, but exceptionally fine ones.

Bovada Sportsbook - User Friendly And Has A Full Casino And Poker Room

Bovada SportsbookIf you are looking for a sports betting site accepting New Mexico residents, why not start with the best? Over the years, the Bovada name has become the cream of the crop when it comes to sports betting, held in higher regard than even land-based sportsbooks out of Las Vegas. Major companies such as CBS Sports and USA Today will not turn to the big lights of Vegas when it's time to cite betting lines for their news stories, but will turn to Bovada instead.

While all the endorsements help cement Bovada's reputation as one of the safest and most legitimate sportsbooks around, it's the extra mile they go to in providing their customers the best possible service that has made them New Mexico's favorite sportsbook.

When you start an account with Bovada, upon making your initial deposit, you'll find that Bovada will match 50% that deposit (up to $250) in free-plays. Using this bonus and its industry-leading 5X rollover, you’ll be able to pad your bankroll and withdraw big winnings in no time! Bovada is so confident you'll love using their sportsbook that they're willing to offer you free money in order to try all its various features. And of course, if you want to try out their full casino, poker room, and international racebook, each of those comes with their own bonuses as well.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Now that you know that not only is sports betting in New Mexico safe and legal but also a whole lot of fun, there should be very little stopping you from going out and wagering to your heart's content. Never watch a national championship game the same way again, and enjoy your new – and hopefully very profitable – hobby!